You'll hardly ever catch me not listening to music and more often than not it will be heavier rock, metal or anything else fast, loud and kick-ass.

I enjoy smoking a good cigar and drinking Trappist beer whilst sitting in the sun. To counteract these not so healthy habits I ride my bicycle here, there and everywhere.

As I'm follicly challenged (or more crudely: bald) I tend to grow and groom hair on my face. From soul-patch to mutton-chops, I've grown it all and they all make appearances on my face.


Taking the odd job for a while I started my career as a small companies 'IT guy'. This was followed by a job as a MPE/iX system operator for a much larger company where I was given the opportunity to get paid to do my hobby.

I thus started my internet career back in 2000 as member of the webmaster team of VNU Tijdschriften (now Sanoma Media Netherlands), a leading print-magazine company. Some of my bigger projects included adjusting and implementing a new design for the Dutch Cosmopolitan and creating a new interactive Flash site for childrens' magazine Bobo. While working on a Valentine's day themed site 'Omdat Ik Van Je Hou' I got in contact with a young interaction designer who just started his own agency. I became their lead developer and in that position I further developed my programming skills. My biggest accomplishment was a user, designer and developer friendly CMS - Orange Marble - which was used by several high-profile companies and organisations in the Netherlands like Artsen zonder Grenzen (Doctors without Borders Netherlands) and het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum (the Dutch Open Air Museum).

After working there for several years my wife (a UX-designer) and I started our own company where I mainly focused on back-end and web-application development. We worked on some great projects and had wonderful clients but decided to discontinue the company mid 2012.


After a break I'm now ready to start a new adventure and tackle new challenges.

Skill set

My skills include (but aren't limited to):


Some of the many projects I've had the pleasure and privilige to work on included work for clients like:


You can contact me by regular email: work@marcelklomp.com
You can visit my LinkedIn page: www.linkedin.com/in/marcelklomp

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